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June 2015

  • Posted on  June 30, 2015  by TREENSAFETY If youwork with or around poultry or wild birds you may be at risk of exposure to avian flu. The World Health Organization has provided the following guidance for the protection of individuals engaging in activities involving high contact with poultry or wild birds that have been confirmed or highly suspected of being infected with avian flu. High contact activities include: • Handling birds • Collecting birds • Transporting birds... Continue Reading
  • Posted on  June 23, 2015  by TREENSAFETY Summer has arrived and warmer weather brings a new generation of insects. No one can predict where or when an episode of anaphylaxis (severe allergic reaction) may arise. Are you prepared for an allergic emergency at work? Introducing the first and only epinephrine injector with audio instructions that calmly and efficiently assist users through the injection process. The portableAllerject® fits in the palm of your hand and comes in 0.15mg... Continue Reading
  • Posted on  September 9, 2014  by TREENSAFETY In partnership with ER-Plus Risk Management Group, we are proud to host a half day fall protection training session on October 1st at our Burnaby facility. Click Here for more information. We Called Tanya Steele, our Fall Protection trainer from ER Plus to get the low down on working from heights. Here’s what she had to say. What is the biggest cause of falls? Complacency. On average we kill one worker a week... Continue Reading