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March 2016

  • Posted on  March 31, 2016  by TREENSAFETY Scalable technology is becoming more important than ever for small and medium businesses. Safety managers need the ability to locate their safety equipment and the inspection status of the equipment, at any time. To meet this demand, Treen Safety is launching a new Asset Tracking Management service. The Treen Safety Asset Tracking Management (ATM) service, in conjunction with onsite safety programs, allows workers to be accountable for their own... Continue Reading
  • Posted on  March 10, 2016  by TREENSAFETY DuPont™ Tempro® garments help protect your investment in primary FR garments by providing secondary flame-resistant protection. Designed to be worn over primary FR apparel, such as DuPont™ Nomex® or DuPont™Protera®, DuPont™ Tempro® is a lightweight, disposable overgarment for use by workers in potentially flammable or electric arc environments. DuPont™ Tempro® provides a barrier against the non-hazardous... Continue Reading
  • The new Miller SkyORB Overhead Rotational Boom Anchor provides a safe overhead anchorage that is designed specifically for use around vehicles, utilizing the vehicle weight to secure the anchor for proper fall arrest, eliminating the need for heavy and bulky counter weights.  The SkyORB Anchor is a pre-engineered system that replaces the need for very expensive, custom engineered, fixed overhead anchor systems. Features & Benefits Provides the worker with an easy and quick connection with... Continue Reading
  • Posted on  March 3, 2016  by TREENSAFETY Consider enhanced or high visibility garment options if you and/or your employees: Work outdoors at night, during dusk or at dawn where they are exposed to moving vehicles or machinery. Perform tasks that may take attention away from moving vehicles or machinery. Wear reflective outerwear but the primary garment is not reflective. High Visibility Defined High visibility (hi vis) is a term used by the Canadian... Continue Reading