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Can You Provide Prompt Rescue?

What is “prompt” rescue?

According to ANSI, the recommended prompt rescue should be less than six minutes (ANSI Z359.4-6.1). Though these standards and regulations have been in place for some time, OSHA and ANSI are bringing this critical subject to the forefront.

Why Prompt Rescue Is Critical?

Without prompt rescue, the worker is at risk of sustaining medical complications or a worsening of injuries from the fall. Keep in mind that injuries can occur before, during and after a fall. A worker might be struck by a falling object or can suffer a medical emergency such as a heart attack; this could have contributed the fall. A worker might collide with part of a structure as he falls. Alternatively, a worker might be injured while suspended in his harness after a fall.

Suspension Trauma and Rescue after fall

After a fall, a worker is exposed to the risk of suspension trauma. Suspension trauma — also known as harness-induced pathology, harness hang syndrome (HHS) or orthostatic intolerance — occurs when a fallen worker is suspended for too long in his harness and the harness’ leg straps constrict his veins, causing blood to pool in his legs. In turn, this reduces the flow of oxygenated blood to his heart, brain and kidneys. Research indicates that suspension of a worker in a fall arrest device can result in unconsciousness — followed by death.

Rollgliss™ R550


Rescue doesn’t have to be complicated, Capital Safety has developed ANSI-compliant rescue and descent systems that make rescues quicker and easier than ever.


  • Light, compact and has easy-to-use design
  • Ensures prompt rescues that are readily available
  • Offers the choice of rescue, evacuation, or the versatility of assisted-rescues with lifting capabilities.
  • Fully automatic controlled descent device
  • Can be used in applications from heights up to 1,640 ft. (500m) for one user 310 lbs. (141kg) or 575 ft. (175m) for two users totaling 620 lbs. (282kg).
  • It features 3/8 in. (9.5mm) super static kernmantle rope
  • Configured with connecting hardware at each end of the lifeline
  • Can be operated in both directions.

During assisted-rescue scenarios, a fallen worker can be attached to the R550 device, raised to a point that allows their fall arrest device to be removed, and then lowered to the ground safely. With a drill attached, the R550 can also provide lifting capabilities which is essential in confined space rescues. Additionally, Capital Safety offers a free, downloadable rescue plan template on their website that you can use; meets both OSHA and ANSI requirements.

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